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Podcast of Vietnamese basketball lovers :)
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BLBR Podcast presents a new member in the crew and mentions about Boston Celtics - Brooklyn Nets series, why shouldn't Ja Morant got MIP Award and last but not least Phoenix Suns and NOP series have been crazy after Devin Booker's injury
27 Thg04, 22
BLBR Podcast will depict how Boston Celtics has been successful after a rough start.  #BLBR 
29 Thg03, 22
BLBR Podcast will discuss the western conference with particular topics like Gregg Popovich becomes the greatest NBA coach, Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole situation, Lebron James's another dominant performance. 
01h 06ph
14 Thg03, 22
BLBR Podcast has a thoroughly discuss about young faces of NBA in the future based on Kendrick Perkin's opinions.  More than that, BLBR also gives our thoughts about the Eastern Conference with Eastern NBA Teams.
01h 09ph
06 Thg03, 22
James Harden now is playing for Philadelphia 76ers, Ben Simmons now is playing in Brooklyn Nets But how will they play in their new teams? BLBRPodcast will bring our opinions in this episode ;) 
01h 07ph
27 Thg02, 22
BLBR Podcast will depict Phoenix Suns' 18 wins and the way they did it extremely successfully 
06 Thg12, 21
BLBR Podcast Ep 29 will mention how Chicago Bulls has become the best team in the West, Lakers' drawback in their system and solutions and finish with the overwhelming story of Golden State Warriors this season. 
01h 12ph
23 Thg11, 21
In this episode of BLBR Podcast, 2 admins of BLBR talked about the pre-season dramas of Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving and the new season, new emerging teams, new rule changes, early results, and more! 
04 Thg11, 21
Lebron James is one of the best NBA Players in NBA History. BLBR would talk deeply about Lebron James throughout his legacies after 19 professional year in his career, especially focused on how Lebron James has maintained his high-quality performance. 
01h 21ph
04 Thg10, 21
For the first time, BLBRPodcast collaborated with a female basketball player to completely comprehend more about woman's basketball in Vietnam with some realistic aspects.
01h 15ph
10 Thg09, 21