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The Futur Podcast is a show that explores the interesting overlap between design, marketing, and business. Our host (and CEO of The Futur), Chris Do, hold candid conversations with inspirational people from the worlds of design, technology, marketing, business, philosophy and personal development. These conversations go deep. With the aim of understanding who these incredible people are, what drives them to do what they do, and what can we--the listener--learn from it all. Visit for show notes and additional information from each episode.
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Pricing Evolution In this episode, host Chris Do interviews Michael Angelo, the owner of San Antonio Video Productions, about his career transition from a salaried employee to a full-time entrepreneur. Starting at the age of 15, Michael gained experience freelancing while in college and eventually landed a gig in outdoor television. Michael discusses his journey, the lessons learned from holding a salaried position, and the skills he developed that helped him start his own business. He shares his blueprint for achieving a dream, using the acronym DREAM to outline the steps: Dedicate, Refine, Evolve, Activate, and Multiply. Michael also discusses his methods for acquiring clients through Thumbtack and Google Ads, and emphasizes the importance of evolving into a business owner and training others to scale the business effectively. Check out today's guest, Michael Angelo: ➤ Website | Instagram | LinkedIn Check out The Futur: ➤ Website | Courses | LinkedIn | Podcasts ➤ Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube Check out Chris Do: ➤ Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter ➤TikTok | Threads | Zaap | Clubhouse | Behance Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Design, Technology, and the Future In this episode, host Chris Do and Ian Dawson explore the evolution of broadcast design from the 90s to the present, focusing on the impact of new technologies like artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Ian shares stories from his early career at Novacom, discusses pivotal industry changes, and examines challenges faced by producers and designers. They also delve into the transformative potential of AR and VR across sectors such as advertising and education, the importance of innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, and how technologies like Apple's Vision Pro could revolutionize creative and educational fields. Furthermore, they highlight the shifting dynamics between agencies, brands, and creatives, emphasizing accountability and achieving Return on Investment (ROI). Tune in for insights on how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the future landscape for designers, developers, and educators. Check out the Augmented World Expo 2024: ➤ Website ➤ Use the promo code SPKR24D to get a 20% discount on your AWE 2024 event tickets! Check out today's guest, Ian Dawson: ➤ LinkedIn | idgrafx website  Check out The Futur: ➤ Website | Courses | LinkedIn | Podcasts ➤ Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube Check out Chris Do: ➤ Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter ➤ TikTok | Threads | Zaap | Clubhouse | Behance Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Power of Words In this episode, host Chris Do interviews Phil M. Jones, a renowned business communication and sales expert, and author of 'Exactly What to Say.' Phil shares his journey from young entrepreneur to successful author and speaker, discussing his creative strategies and frameworks developed from extensive experience in senior sales leadership, real estate, and sales training. Highlights include actionable advice on mastering influence and communication, the importance of continuous improvement, and specific language techniques for asking referrals and establishing authority. Phil also provides tips on impactful public speaking and the philosophy behind his evergreen success. Furthermore, the episode delves into the significance of inspiration over copying in creative industries, encouraging unique takes on existing ideas for innovative outcomes. Check out today's guest, Phil M. Jones: ➤ Website | LinkedIn | Instagram Check out The Futur: ➤ Website | Courses | LinkedIn | Podcasts ➤ Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube Check out Chris Do: ➤ Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter ➤ TikTok | Threads | Zaap | Clubhouse | Behance Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Beyond Time Sheets In this episode, host Chris Do features a deep dive into the transformation of pricing and positioning strategies within the advertising and professional services industries, guided by insights from Tim Williams, founder of Ignition Consulting Group. Williams discusses the flawed nature of hourly billing and advocates for a value-based pricing model that focuses on the outputs or results rather than the inputs or time spent. He highlights how agencies can innovate by developing a product mindset, shedding light on the necessity of adapting to changes brought by AI and market demands. The discussion also explores the idea of agencies investing in or partnering with brands, shifting towards a model where creative services are productized, thereby solving specific client problems. Williams emphasizes the importance of agencies moving away from traditional billing methods to embrace a future where they price based on value delivered, not hours worked. Check out today's guest, Tim Williams: ➤ Website | LinkedIn | Book | Blog Check out The Futur: ➤ Website | Courses | LinkedIn | Podcasts ➤ Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube Check out Chris Do: ➤ Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter ➤ TikTok | Threads | Zaap | Clubhouse | Behance Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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It’s All About Embracing Your Authentic Self In this episode, Chris Do is interviewed on Omar El-Takrori’s podcast called The Dept. w/ Omar El-Takrori, and they explore the intricate labyrinth of personal branding, public speaking, and the role of AI in today's creative and marketing industries. Chris Do shares profound insights on the essence of knowing oneself and the power of emotional connections over aesthetics in branding, coupled with his vision to revolutionize creative education through AI integration. The discussion transitions into the significance of authentic engagement in public speaking, critiquing the prevalent mechanical delivery and advocating for a return to conversational, heartfelt interactions. They emphasize the importance of authenticity, leveraging AI for enhancing presentations, and the cultural impact on innovation. Central to the conversation is the philosophy of using branding to forge genuine connections and utilizing success to empower educational initiatives, embodying an ethos of acknowledgment, appreciation, and the transformative potential of human connections. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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A Creative's Path Through Uncertainty In this episode, host Chris Do interviews Matt Bretz, a creative leader navigating his career transition after being laid off from Eisenberg, where he served as the Chief Creative Officer. Matt discusses the importance of transparency during transitions, the emotional rollercoaster of leaving a job, and the significance of maintaining personal and professional connections. He shares insights into the impact of rapid changes in the marketing and communications landscape, emphasizing the need for creativity and innovation in the industry. Matt also reflects on the importance of aligning personal values with professional endeavors and explores potential future paths, including entrepreneurship and leveraging his strengths in rainmaking, talent farming, and design championing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Art of Learning by Teaching In this episode, host Chris Do delves into the personal and professional growth journey of graphic designer James Barnard, focusing on the importance of authenticity, transparency, and the willingness to learn in public. By sharing his own experiences, including the initial struggle with an Adobe Illustrator tool, Barnard highlights the positive impacts of admitting one's gaps in knowledge and the collective learning that ensues with the audience. The episode further explores the power of teaching and how it can not only enhance one's own understanding but also boost business through specialization, in this case, logo design. Barnard discusses the effectiveness of script writing for social media content to bolster confidence and articulation, alongside the significance of continuous learning and sharing even the basics of one's craft. Emphasizing mistakes as a natural part of the creative process, the conversation shifts towards the benefits of humility and preparing oneself before claiming expertise, culminating in the mutual growth of both the designer and his audience. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Beyond Connections In this episode, host Chris Do delves into the secrets behind successful LinkedIn profiles and growth strategies with guest Sam Browne, an entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand, who achieved an impressive feat of growing his LinkedIn following by 50,000 in one year. Sam shares his journey from starting various businesses to finding a successful formula on LinkedIn involving consistent, engaging post writing and the crucial role of hooks in capturing audience attention. He emphasizes the importance of content quality, the strategic use of personal and educational content, and the power of case studies and specific, direct calls to action for lead generation. Sam also recounts his highest-performing post, revealing its massive engagement stats and highlighting key factors contributing to its success, like a compelling hook, concise value-packed content, and shareability among community members. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Mastering Marketing & Time In this episode, host Chris Do sits down with marketing expert and bestselling author Allan Dib shares his journey from immigrant to marketing and IT success, emphasizing the power of a positive mindset towards money and marketing. Allan discusses the essence of Lean Marketing, drawing from lean manufacturing to advocate for efficiency and waste reduction in marketing efforts. He highlights the importance of communication, goodwill, and understanding customer needs for creatives and introverts, advocating for sales techniques focused on listening and diagnosing rather than pushing for a sale. Through personal anecdotes and professional advice, Allan conveys the significance of differentiating oneself in the market, crafting irresistible offers, and the vital role marketing plays in business sustainability and growth. The episode not only explores Allan's transformative sales insights but also invites listeners to engage with him, reflecting on his experiences, strategies, and the impact of marketing on achieving business success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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In this episode, host Chris Do sits down with Robert Katai, founder of the B2B Creator Newsletter, as he discusses a transformative strategy for brands aiming to achieve significant growth without solely relying on paid advertising or traditional marketing channels. He emphasizes the shift from conventional approaches to investing in in-house creators. In-house creators, who could be any employee passionate about the brand, are positioned as better alternatives to outside influencers for building authentic connections with audiences. Robert highlights the power of personal branding and genuine content creation as a means to foster trust and engagement with the brand. The discussion covers the increasing costs of customer acquisition, the saturation of AI in marketing channels, and the decreasing efficacy of brand-only social media accounts. Through examples like and SparkToro, Robert illustrates how companies can leverage their employees to authentically engage with their community, resulting in increased brand loyalty, lower marketing costs, and organic growth. The solution proposed encompasses nurturing in-house talent to generate content that resonates with the audience, establishing a human-to-human connection. Robert's insights are framed within his extensive experience in marketing, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to overcoming current marketing challenges. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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