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Big News! Drop everything and pay attention to this right away! Set your expectations to maximum!
20 Thg09, 21
Here is Season 4, brought to you in its entirety (it’s about 2 1/2 hours, so pack a lunch). Available for listening in all modes of transportation including planes, trains, motorboats, paddle boats, steamer ships, schooners, space shuttles, submersibles, and some hang gliders. Oh, and cars.
02h 31ph
23 Thg09, 20
The white-knuckled conclusion to a tumultuous season, but also the dawn of a new, more dangerous, more intelligent threat!
22 Thg07, 20
Do you know how much training astronauts get before blasting off into space? I don’t know the exact figure but I’m almost positive it’s more than 2 hours.
08 Thg07, 20
Sometimes internationally famous super-hackers occupy a metaphorical underworld. Other times…
01 Thg07, 20
Can our heroes finally defeat a near-legendary villain, and accomplish what no other reporter, civil servant, law officer or angry mob has managed to do yet?
24 Thg06, 20
An origin story of the Von Zwack family’s fortune, beliefs, and (possibly) supernatural abilities, as passed down through the ages by unreliable narrators.
17 Thg06, 20
Strange times call for strange episodes, and we hope this one will tide you Eleanerds over until we can resume normal production. Best wishes from your friends at Eleanor Amplified.
09 Thg04, 20
A galleon is a large sailing vessel used throughout Europe in the 16th to 18th centuries. This is important to know. Trust me.
25 Thg03, 20