Thảo Trang

The New Me - Thảo Trang

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Say goodbye to, to to the old me
This is my new style, the new R&B
This is my new look, no more long hair
I dare to show now, no longer scared.

I feel, I feel ,I feel
Yeah this face is so good
I know, I know, I know
Another out of so blushed
I wish, I wish, I wish
Better blew in my ear.

This is the new me, my new identity
I've changed, I'm stronger now
This is the new me, this is who I wanna be
I've changed to be the new me.

No more guessing how tomorrow will be
The future zoom my hands says I feel so free
I feel so confident, yeah I feel good
This new me it always seen a good look.

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